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Did you have a summer fling while you were in Orlando? :3

I wanted to, believe me, I had this whole mindset around ‘this is gonna be the summer’, but the only two gay girls I actually met were together. I did meet a new love of my life every time I got on the bus to go to work (girls from every corner of the world, and they were all soooo pretty), but I was always too shy to approach them. And falling in love with face characters doesn’t count, either. So no, I didn’t have a fling :-(

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Currently at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, waiting for the first show to begin…

Currently at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, waiting for the first show to begin…

Let’s play a game called ‘Where is Elsa in this photo?’





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Alright, kids, some serious talk:

Much to my surprise, a lot of you liked the Robot!AU shot I posted last night from a prompt I got. Thank you for your support; I was so happy that this morning I got out of bed seven minutes earlier than usual.

Some of you were commenting in the reblogs that you’d like to read more about it. Question is: if I extended the plot as a full-on fic, would you be interested in reading it? The whole story? Let me know, please. If you want it, you’ll have it.

Teacher/student AU? Elsa as the teacher and Anna as the student :3 you choose whatever you want it to be about!

Went for smutty with this one!


If Anna had been told this would happen to her, she would have laughed. How cliché, how terribly obvious. The classroom was empty now, the group conveniently dismissed early. Only Anna was left, Anna and the gorgeous blonde she had pressed to the wall.

“Elsa…” murmured the girl, placing little kisses along the blonde’s lips, jaw, neck. She buried her face in the silvery hair while her nails travelled up and down her torso. “You took too long in kicking them out.”

“I wanted to have you like this the moment you walked in,” Elsa replied. “But I do have an exam to apply next week.”

Anna huffed, and slipped her hands under Elsa’s shirt, feeling the exquisitely toned stomach of her teacher. She bit her neck and sucked, marking what was hers. Elsa gasped with pleasure, but then she claimed Anna’s attention.

“I’m so sorry,” she said as she stroked Anna’s fiery red hair. “Look at us, having to meet like this. You deserve better, Anna.”

“As long as you’re with me I’ll be fine.”

Elsa laughed. “That sounded so cheesy.”

“Hey,” Anna responded, smacking her bottom. “I think the word you’re looking for is ‘romantic’.”

She kissed Elsa fully on the mouth, drowning in her taste and in the way Elsa’s hands were running along her back. “Besides, it’s only three more months until I graduate, and two until my birthday. Then you won’t be my teacher anymore, and I’ll be eighteen , and no one will be able to stand between us.”

Anna raised her hands to Elsa’s breasts and squeezed them lightly. “Mmh,” she moaned at the feeling. She wanted to continue along the rest of her body, but Elsa returned her hands to her chest. Anna angled herself with Elsa’s thigh and began to softly push her hips forward. The friction was delicious. Anna bit her lip and moaned.

Elsa gasped and looked at Anna hungrily. She wanted more.

Anna blushed when she understood. “Elsa, here?”



“You don’t want to fail History, do you, Miss Solberg?”

Anna made a face of mock scandal. “Ms. Blom, are you blackmailing me into having sex with you for grades?”

“Yes, I’m blackmailing my straight A student into letting me pleasure her.”

“But how do I…”

“Shh, you don’t have to do anything. Just open your blouse, Solberg.”

Anna did as told, undoing just a couple of buttons to tease Elsa, already knowing that’s what turned her on the most. Elsa looked down the blouse, eyes dark with lust, and launched a full attack.

She turned them around so that it was Anna against the wall. She kissed every bit of Anna’s skin she could reach. Her hands moved urgently everywhere, until they slipped under Anna’s skirt. She pulled down the lace underwear and spread Anna’s legs. She began stroking her, and was met with Anna’s mewls of pleasure.

“Elsa… yes, Elsa, like that… there, yes, yes!”

Elsa giggled while her fingers worked their magic inside her student. Anna dug her nails into her shoulders, and kissed her again so that Elsa’s mouth would muffle her cries.

Elsa accelerated her motions, growling at the feeling of Anna’s intimacy. Anna’s whimpers mixed with Elsa’s gasps. They kept kissing, desperately feeling each other’s bodies, moved by an instinct that was almost animal.

Anna was almost sobbing with pleasure. “Elsa, I… I’m… please… I need… please…

With a smirk, Elsa delivered the final stroke. Anna melted in a sea of heat and swearwords. Elsa laughed, and placed her arm around Anna’s waist to support her once she couldn’t even stand anymore.

Anna rode it out with happy sighs. She looked at Elsa, and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

“Thank you. It’s your turn now.”

“I’m afraid we’re running a little late.”

“But you haven’t-”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” Elsa picked up Anna’s underwear. The girl held out her hand, but Elsa put the piece of clothing in her pocket. “These I’m keeping.”

Anna blushed furiously. Elsa smirked again.

“Don’t forget to study, I heard rumours there might be a pop quiz tomorrow. Come on. I’ll take you home.”

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Yoo-hoo, big autumn update! New chapter of Storms Inside! We’re almost at the end of this adventure, what’s coming now?


AO3 version

Okay, kind of a weird one, but sort of a futuristic AU where Elsa's an advanced service robot for Anna's family, and quietly struggles with emotions toward her young charge that she doesn't understand. Anna, meanwhile, is determined to prove Elsa's more than just a pretty machine. Sorry,

Here we go! Maybe not so ‘quietly’, but here we go:


"Don’t forget to change Elsa’s batteries before leaving," Anna’s mother reminded her.

"Mom, you know Elsa uses solar power. We don’t need to change anything."

"Then why did she die once, huh?"

"That was my fault. I spilled something on her by accident."

It wasn’t entirely true. In fact, it wasn’t true at all. Elsa had only pretended to die so that Anna could have a good excuse to stay home instead of going to that party and risking an encounter with Hans. But that was a secret between Anna and the robot, because Elsa had acted without prior programming, and without Anna’s request. Elsa had acted on her own. And Anna wasn’t sure service robots were supposed to do that.

"Anyway, make sure she’s working properly. The bus will be here anytime, so hurry up. Anna, I don’t want any more complaints from your teachers, okay?"

"Yes, mom."

After her mother had left Anna began to half-heartedly toss notebooks into her backpack. A soft knock on the door interrupted her boredom. Elsa.

"Hey, Anna, do you need any help?"

"No, I’m fine. Thank you."

"Do you want me to do your hair?"

Anna rolled her eyes. “Sure.”

She sat on her bed and Elsa began to braid her impossible red mane.

"Anna, you have three exams next week, they’re worth fifteen percent of your final grade. You need a minimum of 80 percent to pass decently. You have an appointment with the dentist today at five and piano practice tomorrow. I downloaded the sheet music, it’s in your laptop."

"Thank you, Elsa."

"You don’t sound too enthusiastic," the robot noted.

"You know how much I hate all this."

"I do," said Elsa. She placed a hand on Anna’s shoulder. "I wish I could do more to help you."

Anna stared at the hand. She wasn’t sure service robots were supposed to initiate physical contact with their owners.

"Elsa, how long have you been working with us?"

"Three months, two weeks, six days, and twenty hours. Since December 15 at 11 am sharp."

"Longer than I thought. Do you have any plans for today?"

"Some housecleaning. Your mother is going shopping and she’ll take me with her to help. Then I’ll go with you to the dentist, and then I’m picking up your father."

"Now you don’t sound too enthusiastic.”

Elsa’s response was automatic. “I’m sorry. I’ll brighten up if you like. Do you want to change my settings manually or through the menu?”

"Neither. Let’s be bitter together. I want you to tell me, don’t you ever wish you were somewhere different? With another family?"

Elsa didn’t answer. Anna supposed they weren’t programmed to speak against their owners.

"Well, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll-"

"No," said Elsa.


"I don’t wish I was somewhere else. I like it here."

"Really? Why?"

"Because… because you’re here."

Anna looked at Elsa. Were service robots supposed to look down and fidget with their clothing? Were they supposed to look embarrassed?


The robot interrupted her. “Excuse me, I just had a software update, I don’t know what I’m saying.”

"I think you do."

"Your hair is ready. I should probably go."

Elsa turned to the door, but Anna stopped her.

"I know you’re different, Elsa. Different from the other robots. You’re special."

"I’m not. It’s just the update. Please, Anna, please. You’re human. I’m not. End of story."

"Please, don’t go."

"It’s my duty, it’s… it’s what I was made for. I-I can’t do- I can’t feel, I shouldn’t feel, Anna, b-but-"

The human girl was silent. Elsa looked even more embarrassed after her struggle with words.

Anna was pretty sure service robots weren’t supposed to stammer.

"Elsa…" she said again.

Anna was almost sure service robots weren’t supposed to take a step towards her. Or two.

Elsa was a handful of centimetres away from her now. She kept fidgeting, but then her face calmed. She had made a decision. She was thinking.

Anna was fairly sure service robots weren’t supposed to brush little hairs off her face and stroke her cheek.

"Your skin is so soft," Anna noted.

"It’s silicone, 3-D printed new generation.Your skin is soft, too."

"Mine’s just human skin."

" ‘Just’ human skin? It’s precious, Anna. You’re precious.”

Anna was almost sure service robots weren’t supposed to place their hands on an owner’s waist, or pull them in ever so softly.

Anna was quite sure service robots were not supposed to have adoration in their eyes when looking at their owner.

She parted her lips, tilted her head upwards, closed her eyes.

Another pair of lips touched her own, soft, warm, trembling, 3-D printed new generation lips.

Anna opened her eyes to look into Elsa’s. She smiled. Elsa smiled. Elsa panicked. She released Anna, horrified, and bolted out the door.

Anna put her fingers to her lips.

Anna was absolutely sure service robots and humans were not supposed to fall in love. And Anna was completely sure they just had.

Prompts include AU's?

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Can you not?

AHG, I fucked this up!

omfg I’ve seen the high school musical post about 15 times and I’ve never understood why it had so many notes. Now I finally understand




Can you not?

AHG, I fucked this up!

omfg I’ve seen the high school musical post about 15 times and I’ve never understood why it had so many notes. Now I finally understand